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A cactus wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat and a scarf

Custom illustrations are great assets for increasing engagement in social media posts as well as creating brand recognition across platforms.
They also make great gifts for family, friends, and yourself! You can submit an inquiry here.

An angry fairy named Ira

Want a personalized icon? Icons can be used for social media purposes as well as having portraits done of your characters! All examples shown are shaded with simple backgrounds.


Illustration options include half-body vs full body, color vs added shading, simple vs added complex background.I also offer pet portraits of the chest and up, or full body for smaller pets like fish, hamsters, and the like!


People judge books by their covers. I am able to do fully illustrated covers as well as altering existing assets for a more photo-realistic cover.


"Noelle is an amazing artist and really brought my characters to life in a way I never thought possible! Even the back cover of my book has a fun and fitting feel that looks great. Not to mention she's a wonderful designer to work with. Her services are affordable, timely, transparent, and above all, high quality. 10/10 would recommend."


—  Kyle Robertson, Author of Camp Ferguson and other works

  • Rush orders are 1.5x the original price

  • MUST have a character reference or detailed description for any & all character art; if needed, I can provide a form for you to fill out

  • Can do:

    • Humans/Anthros

    • Animals

    • Monsters

    • Blood

  • Additional fees may be added for especially complex characters/backgrounds subject to the artist's discretion

  • If there's a certain visual style you would like, please clarify that as well (e.g. anime, pixel art, painterly shading, etc.) otherwise I will use my best judgment

If you have any questions, contact me!

My characters might bite, but I don't!

  • Can't do:

    • NSFW

    • Full-on gore

    • Mechs

  • Payment is due upfront for any project less than $100 USD

    • If necessary, the artist can create a payment plan for larger projects

  • The final digital product will be delivered in an estimated agreed-upon time-frame between the artist and the client upfront (usually between 2-3 weeks)

    • Depending on the scope of the project as well as the artist's schedule, a client has the ability to rush the order upfront

  • All projects produced are NOT to be resold in any fashion (e.g. merchandise, t-shirts, posters) unless EXPLICITLY AGREED UPON and for an additional fee

  • Must have idea approved before sending the payment

  • The artist has the right to turn down ANY proposals

  • Absolutely no parts of any product is to be used in any way/shape/form for NFT use.

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