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Nikko Marasheski is a storytelling Pennsylvania cryptid who can usually be found lurking in the woods with at least one of her black cats Phoebe or Lilly following at her heels. Rumors have it she can be summoned with cookie dough, anime, or mention of the supernatural. She also happens to have a BFA in Dramatic Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a minor in Animation, and is completing a double masters degree in Publishing and Creative Writing at Rosemont College. When she isn’t creating stories and art, or being extra with her cats, she’s probably making another playlist on Spotify or playing videogames. 


"3 O'Clock Bloom" is her young adult short story about a blossoming friendship between an awkward café server and the patient recurring customer, and is featured in Artemis 2017-2018.

Hi! I'm Minmon. All the

art you see on this website is by Nikko.

Minmon fall sprite 9.png



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