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August 2020 Update

It’s September. I didn’t do a thing in August I really had set out to do. In fact, I don’t believe I wrote AT ALL. Although to give me some due self-forgiveness, I did have a mystery illness that messed with my ability to do things such as breathe without various levels and types of pain, eat without nausea and move around without getting immediately winded for about three weeks. I tested negative for COVID, and the doctor said it was likely an upper respiratory infection and with some antibiotics and steroids it magically disappeared! That was a lie: it didn’t get worse but it didn’t necessarily get much better for the time I was on it and a couple of days after. It was weird. It slowly but surely lessened up and all I could really do was contemplate my existence and how much I took breathing for granted.


Lots of AO3 Fics


Hellier Digimon 2020

Legend of Korra Ranma 1/2

Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School


Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All

Minecraft Roblox

For September’s goal(s), I want to finish this draft of the Drekavac, like I have wanted to do for a long time now. I need to get back into having a routine of sorts to be able to actually be productive. Thankfully, classes are starting back up next week and will help me do that, as well as my job. So, hopefully, I’ll be able to kick myself back into momentum, mental and physical health be damned. Additionally, I am launching my Fall 2020 designs on my RedBubble September 22nd, so stay tuned for fun designs! You can follow my brand’s Instagram @enmacreations for specific updates on that front.

Keep wearing your masks and washing your hands and social distancing! The pandemic isn’t over just because you want it to be over.

(I honestly love my Monokuma mask and you WILL catch me

wearing this even after the pandemic is over.)


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