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November 2021 Update

Happy birthday to me, a true November Scorpio! It was fantastic seeing my friends and family for my birthday and catching up with everyone. I also got a Nintendo Switch so I've been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons almost every day, along with Mario Party, which I was able to play for the first time ever in my 25 years of existence with my mom. The second time I played I played with my good friends Brianna and Jess, and we had a mind-meld moment playing the delivery minigame where it was 3 of us vs the AI. Between the three of us continually getting in the way of the others, at one point Jess made a comment wondering if Amazon workers had to deal with this type of chaos and I started chanting Jeffrey Bezos part 1 by Bo Burnham, to the point where they both joined in. We won the minigame, cry-laughing to the point I almost felt like I was going to throw up. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard! It's one of my favorite memories of this year. (Even though the AI won from the extra stars. That was ridiculous. I would've won lol.)

I found some great sources for my thesis and managed to complete my reader survey for diverse young adult literature. If you read Young Adult, please consider participating in my survey here as it should take about 5-10 minutes depending on how thorough you want to be.




Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku volumes 1-7 Doron Dororon chapter 1


High Guardian Spice (not a fan)

Q-Force (very much a fan)

Tiger King season 2 Hellbound

Fear Street 1978 Fear Street 1666

Demon Slayer season 2 Red Notice


The Last Podcast on the Left

Trust Me Queers for Fears

Masquerade by Siouxxie

Stalker's Tango by Autoheart

My New Project Playlist


Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mario Party Superstars



December leads to lots of holiday gatherings and a well-needed break from classwork. Granted, I'll still be working on some of my thesis tasks, but otherwise, it'll be great to have a mental break from everything. I'll also be getting my COVID booster shot and flu shot since I was finally able to find an available appointment to do so.

Something I've been missing and wanted to get back into was doing an overhaul of my Etsy shop. I miss having the ability to share and wear my art, so I've been looking back into different companies for the printing and shipping of the items. I closed my shop in the first place because of the realization that one of the shirt prints turned out way below my personal standard, and that I needed to look more into the companies I would be working with for my shop. (I am both thankful and embarrassed that my best friend was the one to get the awful print as I can easily give her one to replace it once I've solidified my printer.) So, I've gone ahead and ordered samples of a few different types of products from different places (something I should have absolutely done the first time around) and am waiting for a couple more to arrive before passing my verdicts on these providers. The ones that have arrived are great, which leads me to believe the rest will be promising as well.

It's exciting to be thinking about starting up the shop again! In the meantime, you can find my designs on Redbubble. I recently managed to grab a GREAT photo of Lilly and me while I was wearing my Don't Ghost Me sweatshirt.

Have a safe and happy holidays! See you at the end of December with a monthly wrap-up!

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