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September 2021 Update

It’s finally spooky season! The weather grows colder and I don’t have to have my air conditioner on as much nor have to sleep with just a sheet and a blanket; I finally got to bring out the duvet cover I designed myself! I also managed to fully reevaluate my wardrobe and create a giant donation pile. Why? Because I’ve outgrown a lot of the clothes I used to wear. Some of the clothes in that pile were from high school. That was like, 8 years ago. I am a much different person in many aspects than I was back then, and the dresses/outfits that fit well can go live on with someone else now. I store my out-of-season clothes in my big suitcase and so I had to create quite a bit of chaos to be able to take clothes out of the suitcase to put some in, but after all that work, I can confidently say my clothes aren’t stuffed in there anymore.

That means my minimization techniques are working. I live in a studio apartment so there’s not much space to store things and I’ve tried to get creative with what I have stored so that it’s not an eyesore. I’ve photographed a bunch of my stuffed animals that I plan on donating/selling (depending on if they’re specific characters or not) and already sold one of my plushies and basically got gas money for a month or so. I also plan on starting a medium blog where I talk about my process of letting things go and I am almost done with the initial post, so stay tuned for that!


Media of the Month


Being Emily by Rachel Gold

Ideas All Around by Philip C. Stead

Escape Goat by Ann Patchett


My Hero Academia A Silent Voice

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun

Unsolved Mysteries (2020)


Last Podcast on the Left

Queers for Fears Podcast

The Bidding by Tally Hall

Montero (the album) by Lil Nas X

Inferno by Bella Poarch, Sub Urban

SIMP Full Tac, Lil Mariko, Rico Nasty


Goals For October

For my thesis goals, I aim to read Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, do some of my more statistical work, and start diving in to write it! Besides my Publishing thesis, I plan on finishing a tentative outline for what I would like to believe my Creative Writing thesis will be in the future. If y'all've been around here before, you know I am indecisive. But! I feel very confident in this one as it is a Cinderella retelling. For October I also want to start posting on Medium with this essay series I'm doing. All I need to do is revise the beginning post and post it!


Featured Creator of the Month

Ash, otherwise known as House Goblin, is a Slavic-American queer illustrator, designer, and comic artist who draws delightful anthropomorphic characters. Their art style is fun and their character designs show a great deal of personality behind the animal characters that feel human in their interactions with each other despite their animal appearances. Ash's artwork usually contains muted colors that hold a great variety of texture in their linework, coloring, and shading techniques. The textures range from rough pencil, marker, crosshatching-esque print, and watercolors, that add dimension to the 2D art style and help create perspective. There are elements of playful, sarcastic humor in Ash's artwork, especially in his comics.

They have a few different comic series, such as Sky House, Devil Facts, and their most notable series, Let's Get Burgers, which you can view in order here. Ash can be found on their Twitter, Instagram, and on their Patreon where you can support them and get access to special goodies like prints, postcards, stickers, and first dibs on commission spots. He is looking for all types of illustration work like for kidlit, album covers, background illustration/painting for cartoons, and promotional artwork for any of the like! You can find more about him and his skills on his website here.


Stay happy, safe, and healthy, and celebrate Halloween safely!


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