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Get It Done 2021

Now that we're over the threshold I'm excited to say that if you're reading this, you beat 2020! Congrats! Now let's join together and force 2021 to be better. A part of that, for me, is being more mindful of my mental health and how it's affected by others around me. It's the year for practicing some healing self love after 2020 dragged us all through the ditches physically and emotionally. My goals for this year I'd like to think are rather simple compared to the goals of the years prior. I'm not going to overload myself with goals, which I have a habit of doing in the years past. Oops. I will consider this next year super successful if I manage to meet each of these goals. As long as I make good progress on each, it'll still be mildly successful.

As far as my authorial career goes, I have a few goals to keep in mind throughout the year. I would like to finish second drafts to both Thrown and The Avis Initiative. Those two projects I had a pretty solid foundation to build off of and I feel confident with moving forward with them both. I'd also like to finish the first draft to a new novel. I have one I've already started, but it's needing some clarification of the main conflict before I can really go forward with it.

The potential protagonist lineup of the year.

For more professional goals, I would like to have a novel ready to query by the end of the year, but this is more of a stretch-goal than anything else. I'd like to create a comic proposal for either one of two projects that I've been developing for some time now that wildly differ from each other: a YA sci-fi romance called The Star of Nepulon, and a dark Adult psychological thriller/romance called Touch Starved (this is the one I'm still defining more with the tone of the story). One area of work I'd like to shift more into is freelancing, and my goal for each month is to try for at least 1 freelance gig a month. Additionally, I'd like to release new designs seasonally for my design & illustration brand, Enma Creations. I've been drafting up different designs recently, and I'm really excited to start releasing more!

Right now in my life I hold my professional career very highly, but that isn't to say I don't have any goals outside of that area. New year's resolutions this year include weekly vacuuming, daily exercising on my new exercise bike (thanks again, Dad) and having one full me-day a month, as well as one day a month where I hang out with friends to be more actively social. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, so I should be able to do that more often now with the COVID vaccine on the horizon.

Some fun things I've been up to lately and experimenting with are as follows:

  • Twitch Streaming: I plan on streaming Minecraft and drawing from time to time!

  • Webtoon Comic: I've been theorizing how to go about this for awhile, but I'm going to be uploading little slice of life comics of my life (and literal dreams) to Webtoon! Stay tuned for more information!

  • Daily Planners: They're currently in the process of being approved, but I have self-published some Daily/Weekly planners on Amazon! I live and die by my bullet journal/planner system so I thought I'd make a version that everyone can use as well.


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