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January 2021 Update

January felt like two months’ length long from everything that happened in it. However, focusing on the positives, I successfully published my three different 2021 Planners! The Get It Done 2021 Daily Planner, the No Bullshit Minimalist Planner: Horizontal, and the No Bullshit Minimalist Planner: Vertical are all available for purchase on Amazon. (I linked each one to the respective text, as well as have them all up on my shop page.) It took a couple of days for Amazon to approve the journals, but they’re up and ready to go!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Get It Done 2021 Daily Planner. It’s actually been helping me get my act together and get things done every day. I manage to get 2-3 major tasks done daily with my to-do list function and I’m on top of things that have due dates like my homework assignments and bills that I have to manually pay. I also have the ability to look at my habit tracker for the month and see my habits more clearly and how they build/affect each other, especially when looking at my sleep tracker.


Different Creative Non-Fiction Essays

Lots of AO3


Ghost Adventures

A TON of Minecraft streams from the Dream SMP


Minecraft Genshin Impact

My goal for next month is to continue streaming on Saturday afternoons since it’s been very fun talking with people and playing Minecraft, something I've quite missed. I'm on a quest to beat the ender dragon since I've never properly "won" Minecraft again. Also, I'd like to make progress on The Avis Initiative's second draft. I'd like to at least get through a good third of the story with the percentage based upon my beat sheet.

Please stay safe, social distance, wash your hands, get the vaccine if you can, and make some good out there!


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