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June 2020 Update

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all happy, safe, and healthy. This month my main goal was devoted to opening my Etsy shop, Enma Creations, something I've been thinking about for the past two years but never felt my art was "good enough" to warrant doing. I recently realized that hey, that's not treating myself very kindly, so I made steps forward with designs I'm proud of to develop them into products to sell. I have to admit, Printify is a pretty sweet tool (that in no way is affiliated or sponsoring this post) and made it easy for me to move forward with this goal. I released a whole Minmon Pride series of shirts, buttons, and stickers, along with the start of a series I've called Sacred Geometry, as well as some space respecting alien designs. There's still time to buy these products where 20% of the profits go towards the Marsha P. Johnson Institute in honor of Pride month to help Black trans people!



Digimon Adventure (2020) Sonic Boom


Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All Minecraft

My sub-goal for the month was to start my final revisions for The Drekavac but that didn't happen. Moving was more chaotic than I expected, seeing as I've had to stay at my Dad's house for a few weeks. It's been a fun break hanging out with my family. I spend most of my weekdays looking for new jobs/updating resumes and portfolios across websites since my old job, unfortunately, had to let me go due to COVID-19 and not foreseeing needing me anytime in the future. At night I've been having Minecraft creative mode challenges with my sister, which has been incredibly fun and refreshing to think of telling stories within a space architecturally-- even if those spaces are a little blocky.

My goal for next month is to complete my revisions for The Drekavac so I can leap into querying in the Fall! This will be my first time querying agents for a project of mine (despite the fact I've written three books (first drafts of them all) before this one) so I'm excited and ready to jump into the fray and get ready for the inevitable rejections. Anyways, I'll keep you all updated on my progress! If you want to see daily/weekly updates, check my Twitter for my weekly writing vlogs, and my Youtube channel for compilations of monthly vlogs.

Keep fighting for equality! There's more work to be done, and more information for allies to learn. A good starting point is for more resources, and their list of petitions to sign.


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