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May the Pandemic End Update

Lately I’ve been wondering if this pandemic will ever end at this rate, since the last day I was in for work was March 15th. Since then, I have been at home with my cats, and for the vast majority of this time without a working phone, so I have been incredibly isolated. It doesn’t matter whether I’m ready to get things back to “normal” or not, since I’ll be following the standard health procedures.

Anyways, this month my goal was to finish the first draft of Thrown. I am happy to report that I have succeeded in that goal, and have finished the first draft at 58k! It definitely feels great to have finished the first draft, even though I know I still have a TON of work to do on the second draft, like adding in more of another viewpoint character’s perspective. Considering the fact that this project might become my thesis for grad school, I’m satisfied with how it’s coming along.


Solar Opposites Ghost Hunt

Duncanville Sonic the Hedgehog


Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All

For June, my goal is to finish polishing off The Drekavac so I can start querying it, as well as launch my work in progress Etsy shop of my designs. I’ve been working hard on creating designs that I can see people choosing to wear. I’m really excited to start releasing these designs and pursuing this as an additional stream of income (especially since the pandemic has eradicated my current source of income)!


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