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September 2020 Update

Y'know, I didn't really do much writing in September. At least, I didn't do much novel writing. I did do some workshop critiques for class, but otherwise than that, nothing, zip, nada. On the other hand, I've launched my fall designs on my Redbubble, which was one of my major goals for the month! Go check them out, it only takes a minute. In terms of things I've accomplished this month, I think I'd rather look at the positives of things I was able to do instead of look at the lack of novel words written. I've... accurately estimated that 2 grad school classes would be a challenge as is and dropped the third; found a relatively stable work-life balance with my job as I'm getting into the swing of things; launched my fall designs and updated Enmacreations' Instagram; called the power company and got my rate halved; and last, but not least, I've managed to still have some me time in-between it all. While these accomplishments may not be huge, together, they are small steps of me starting to really get this whole "adulting" thing under my belt.


A Ton of AO3 Fics

2 Friends' WIP Novels (3 by Oct.)


Schitt's Creek (just started it today!)

A Playthrough of DanganRonpa: Goodbye Despair


Solitaire Scrabble

For October, I want to solidify a plan for whatever NaNoWriMo project I want to do. It's between a YA thriller and an adult thriller. It appears I'll still be in the deep end of class assignments, so I think a reasonable goal would be to finish the first draft of Black Hole Son.

Keep washing your hands, wearing your masks, and maintaining social distancing because unfortunately, we're still dealing with this pandemic.


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