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Spooky October 2020 Update

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Spooky Season! Or at least, by the time this blog goes up, the spooky season has ended. This month has been more scary than spooky with both cats getting an upper respiratory infection, my laptop's keyboard breaking (which prevented me from logging in and being able to do my homework), my window breaking from a storm, and then almost getting abducted(?) by a crazy maskless lady at the mall. Everything is okay now at least, as the cats are on medicine, my window is reinforced, my laptop is fixed, and I am caught up on all of my assignments!

I've been reading and critiquing my classmates' books this semester, especially this month, which has been really inspiring and fun seeing everyone's different styles and stories! I decided for my workshop class to instead of doing Thrown, to do Black Hole Son, since I'm pretty sure BHS will be my MFA thesis. So, I finished the first draft of Black Hole Son at 38k, and while it's a short first draft, it's got the absolute bare bones of the story I wanted to tell for it. Fortunately enough, I was able to have my classmates' feedback and such all within a short time of finishing the first draft! I had critique the night of writing this, and I'm excited to edit it after I take a break! (The picture below is of the one scene from BHS.)


3 Classmates' Books

National Geographic 10.20: Reimagining Dinosaurs


Unus Annus Lots of TikToks

A Playthrough of DanganRonpa: Goodbye Despair


Solitaire Wordscapes

Among Us

(everyone thinks I'm sus but I've never been imposter lmao)

In November I'm participating in NaNoWriMo in some shape/form that I'm still figuring out! No worries here! *nervous laughter* I'm either revising The Avis Initiative or writing the first draft of a YA psychological thriller (with two different ideas, one I have affectionately called "Pierce and his Beautiful Bastards," the other of which has no label yet but is about a podcaster who talks about serial killers inspiring a serial killer to find him). I made some polls on social media to see what interested others, and currently, everyone is pointing towards the serial killer podcaster. I might just do a combination of revise TAI and start writing PBB.

Also, a monthly writing vlog will be going up sometime soon as well! It'll be interesting, as always, to juggle school, work, and different monthly events like my birthday, Thanksgiving, and also spreading my grandmother's ashes with my family.

Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!

UPDATE: Not doing NaNoWriMo since I very much believe it will be too much for me and I do not want to stress myself out or burn the candle on like three different ends. I will cheer from the sidelines though! I will still likely write some things.


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