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December 2020 Update

Happy belated holidays to all! I hope you were surrounded by peace and love this holiday season. There wasn’t as much peace in mine as I had hoped for, but alas, it is 2020 and I guess that’s to be expected. This month I wanted to complete and finish my Get it Done 2021 daily planner which I am putting the finishing touches to! This is the first planner that I have entirely made, from inception to finish, by using InDesign! I’ve learned a lot about the program as well as different ways to accomplish things that I’ve been aiming for in a matter of a few different ways. The Get It Done 2021 daily planner will be available for purchase within the week, so stay tuned to my social media accounts for that announcement! It’ll be the planner I use for next year as well, so I’m quite excited about this new planner layout.


AO3 Fanfiction


All Saint’s Street

Ghost Adventures


Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All

Minecraft Among Us

I just started my adventures streaming on Twitch yesterday which was an exciting thing. I’ve never really streamed before, so I tested it out with Minecraft to see if my computer could handle that. It worked a lot better than I anticipated so I’ll definitely be doing more of that, especially considering my mom got me these gaming headphones I really wanted for Christmas that have a microphone attached to the end! I’ll likely be streaming a mix of Minecraft, Among Us, and drawing art. One person attended the stream and I’d like to thank my mystery visitor because it made me feel a little less lonely on Christmas Eve.

Additionally, I attended the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal’s Christmas Livestream where they attempted to communicate with the spirit of Santa through a variety of means, getting very wholesome and clear results that were both amazing and heartwarming. They really do a lot of cool stuff (like live investigations for example) through their Facebook group which you can join if you support them on Patreon!

For January, my goal is to get through rewriting half of my WIP young adult sci-fi novel called The Avis Initiative, which you can check out under my Works in Progress page, where I have a playlist dedicated to it as well as a little blurb. It’s a project that is close to my heart and was inspired by a dream I had years ago that I can remember like a poignant memory.

I’ll also be posting a general list/plan of my goals for next year, so stay tuned for that!

Stay happy, safe, and healthy! Start the new year off on the right path!


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