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November 2020 Update

November blew by so quick it hit me like a whip when it became December. I didn’t even realize it was December 1st until I realized I hadn’t paid rent yet on December 2nd. Oops. Anyway, I’ve finished all the heavy-load grad school assignments and only have two finals left! I wrote a little bit in November for the very beginning of a YA psychological thriller, but otherwise, I didn’t write much as I was focusing on school assignments, celebrating my birthday, and also being burnt out from school on top of work and just the generality of life.


Lots of Ao3 fan fiction


Lots of Tiktoks

All Saint’s Street


Among Us

I’ve been very into Among Us, and I’ve won 2/3 imposter rounds I’ve played! The first time I was an imposter I was so excited I killed my sister’s character immediately in front of someone. The second time I singlehandedly killed 8 other people one by one like a horror movie slasher. My little sister was getting upset over me continuing to kill her so I told her if she helped me throw the game I wouldn’t kill her, so she threw the game and helped me win.

My goal for December is to mainly focus on relaxing and filling my creative well, seeing as I’ve been a bit burnt out. I also will be re-releasing an updated version of my No Bullshit Minimalist Planners onto Amazon, as well as a brand new daily planner! I still have to design the cover for the former, and entirely create the latter!

Continue to social distance and wash your hands! Happy holidays!


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